22 Absolutely Hilarious Tweets About TV Shows That'll Have You Crying Laughing

    *requests to add Drake & Josh to the Netflix library*

    1. A very important public service announcement:

    2. This question:

    is veggie tales just christian anime

    3. This example of exercising some common sense:

    Shark week is actually the safest time to go to the beach because all the sharks are busy being on TV

    4. A HERO that defends our favorite infomercial star:

    You see this is what we’re not about to do, Billy Mays will not be disrespected https://t.co/CWSGmCJ3r9

    5. This doppelgänger duo:

    gordo from lizzie mcguire walked so timothee chalamet could run

    6. Remembering simpler times when we'd go along with the "gym, tan, laundry" schedule:

    The year is 2009, You’re a Jerk by New Boyz comes out, everyone’s wearing colored skinny jeans & a flannel with 3D glasses, Jersey Shore premieres on MTV, I love boobies bracelets & silly bandz were the move & we’re all still using Limewire to download illegal music. What a time.

    7. And this throwback:

    Youngins will never know where the 3rd picture comes from smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/gDjb3ajdOv

    8. A valid argument for late '00s teens:

    People want a Peter Kavinsky bc he went across town to get Laura Jean her "Korean Yogurt Smoothies." Let me remind you that Chuck Bass set that bar high enough 9 years ago when he went to Paris AND Germany just to get macaroons and falke stockings for Blair Waldorf.

    9. This Jim-like reaction:

    My cat was drinking Otis’ water and he looked up at me like he was in an episode of The Office lmao

    10. A timely mash-up:

    me with the demons in my room once the opening credits of american horror story starts playing

    11. This announcement:

    Here’s to another 20 seasons 🗣 https://t.co/1A5IAIWZSb

    12. A heartwarming exchange with The Good Doctor himself:

    Freddie Highmore is that kind of no-problematic, sweet, cute, smart and well educated guy. He's also a young and talented actor. Why people are still sleeping on him? https://t.co/ixN7gD4eEy

    13. The anticipation of knowing all the details related to Harry and Meghan's nuptials:

    I wish we didn’t have to wait until Season 25 of The Crown to find out what the Queen is thinking right now.

    14. The detailed wall art in this screen grab:

    15. This ANTM conversation:

    16. A relatable routine:

    me: why do i get nightmares also me: falls asleep watching criminal minds every night

    17. The joy of rewatching your favorite childhood cartoons:

    Dawg I swear to God this show is way funnier to me at my big age https://t.co/Bj2s5YOZo8

    18. This request:

    Can Ned make a new survival guide idk what I’m doing anymore

    19. And this one:

    we deserved a whole season about this attempt

    20. A valid argument:

    House was a weird show. Patients would be rushed the hospital with unexplained fevers and heart problems. And House would come in like “did you check his asshole for toothpicks?” And they’d be like “damn u right.”

    21. This hilarious reply:

    yes, and michael scott is their dad https://t.co/gAXXNG0Jlq

    22. And finally, this pitch:

    The Accountants spin off... thoughts @nbc ? DM me.

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