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21 Nail Art Ideas For Fall That Will Make You Want To Go Get A Manicure ASAP

Ditch those pastels for something a little ~spookier~

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2. These horror-themed nails guaranteed to give you a fright:

Instagram: @kawaiigirlnails

4. These pretty fall nails with a touch of glitter:

Instagram: @sunnywaslike

6. This design featuring some fall foliage:

Instagram: @amycaicos

9. This nail tip foliage design:

Instagram: @aekime24

10. This ombré look with fall hues:

Instagram: @lunulaluxe

11. These gorgeous minimalist nails:

Instagram: @ijustpolished

13. This ready-for-Halloween look:

Instagram: @dasnailhaus

19. This bright and playful design:

Instagram: @yxuxk666

21. And finally, these Hocus Pocus-inspired nails:

Instagram: @elise_queenofnails

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