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    Literally Just 17 Heartwarming Animal Tweets To Get You Through The Day

    Guaranteed to warm your heart.

    1. This goat that's ready for winter:

    2. This adorable pup ready to be served:

    This is Ziggy. He’s a rescue boy with megaesophagus, which means he has to sit pupright while eating. His special chair matches his favorite sweater, so he doesn’t mind it at all. 14/10

    3. This funny comparison:

    4. And this loving interaction:

    7:53 am on a Sunday, my significant other is sleeping peacefully. Me:

    5. This stylish alpaca:

    I just realized the sunglasses are nowhere near his eyes and I’m WEEAK😂😂

    6. This update every Parks and Rec fan will be happy to hear:

    I knew Lil Sebastian made it to the Good Place.

    7. This peekaboo moment:

    8. This unique set of cupcakes:

    "The one on the bottom right is trying very hard to be a good cupcake"

    9. This playful baby elephant:

    A baby elephant for your timeline

    10. And this equally adorable set of puppies:

    Just in case if you're having a bad day, watch this

    11. This committed Poe fan:

    Excuse me, do you have a minute to talk about Edgar Allan Poe?

    12. This pigeon's chicken walk:


    13. This doggo's protective instincts:

    dogo will not leave his friend even for a second

    14. This llama enjoying a gorgeous view:

    15. These baby goats following their friend's lead:

    me when I see my friends doing dumb shit

    16. This funny surprise:

    I just casually glanced over at Steve, and...

    17. And finally, this piggy enjoying a soothing bath:

    Look at the sheer joy on this beautiful baby's face😌😍

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