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An Italian Newspaper Has Published An Audio Recording From Someone Claiming To Be Joseph Mifsud

Initial analysis by Bellingcat suggests that the voice in the recording is likely to belong to the Maltese academic.

Alberto Nardelli 6 days ago

Boris Johnson Said Northern Ireland Was Getting A Great Brexit Deal But His Struggle To Explain Why Was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Actually Northern Ireland has got a great deal. You keep free movement, you keep access to the single market.”

Alberto Nardelli 11 days ago

An Intelligence Report Will Say UK Spy Agencies Found No Evidence Of Russian State Interference In The Outcome Of The Brexit Referendum

Downing Street is under pressure to publish the report by Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee on Russian threats to the UK before the election.

Alberto Nardelli 18 days ago
Alberto Nardelli 21 days ago

A Leaked Report Revealed People’s Vote Was Told It Needed A “Clean Slate” Of Key Staffers To End A “Culture Of Mistrust”

The analysis, commissioned by the campaign, criticised its leadership and strategy and called for proper processes to deal with cronyism, bullying, and harassment.

Alex Wickham 22 days ago

Boris Johnson Raised The Issue Of Northern Ireland Export Forms With Jean-Claude Juncker And Then Agreed To Them

The prime minister was fully aware that the issue of export forms would be problematic back home, but signed off on it anyway in order to secure the agreement with the EU.

Alberto Nardelli 26 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Lost A Crunch Vote On His Timetable To Deliver Brexit By Oct. 31

The prime minister's attempt to ram legislation through Parliament in time to take the UK out of the EU by Oct. 31 has failed.

Alex Wickham 28 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Been Forced To Request A Brexit Delay After MPs Blocked A Vote On His Deal

The prime minister has said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than ask the EU for another extension to Article 50, but he sent the request on Saturday night.

Hannah Al-Othman One month ago

EU Leaders Have Not Expressed A View On Delaying Brexit. That Doesn't Mean They Wouldn't.

Following a discussion between EU leaders, a senior European government official told BuzzFeed News: "The feeling is that an extension would, if requested, be given".

Alberto Nardelli One month ago

Boris Johnson Has Agreed A New Brexit Deal With The EU

It's now over to Parliament on Saturday to decide whether to back the agreement.

Alex Wickham One month ago

DUP MPs Are Split On Whether To Back Boris Johnson’s Proposed Brexit Deal

One source said that the DUP’s 10 Westminster MPs were split 7 to 3 in favour of backing a deal, with the party's deputy leader Nigel Dodds holding out against.

Alex Wickham One month ago

The EU Thinks A Brexit Deal Is Unlikely This Week But Leaders Could Agree To Hold Another Summit Before Oct. 31

A diplomatic memo says a text on customs arrangements probably won’t be ready in time for this week’s European Council meeting.

Alberto Nardelli One month ago

Boris Johnson’s Allies Are “Praying” For A Brexit Deal This Week But Fear A Delay Is Now Inevitable

Number 10 is worried talks with the EU could break down on Wednesday and believes that, even if a deal can be struck, the PM may still have to extend beyond October 31.

Alex Wickham One month ago

Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, And David Gauke Are In Talks To Lead A New Political Grouping At The Next Election

One person with knowledge of the conversations described the group as a party in all but name.

Alberto Nardelli One month ago
Mark Di Stefano One month ago

The UK’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Has Admitted Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan Could Have A Problem: Smuggling Across The Irish Border

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has learned that David Frost has recognised that Boris Johnson's Brexit plan "only works for those who want to comply".

Alberto Nardelli One month ago
Alex Wickham One month ago

Germany Will Not Agree To Delay Brexit “Just For The Sake Of It”

Berlin is still hoping Boris Johnson will send concrete proposals soon.

Alberto Nardelli One month ago

Boris Johnson's Choice: Shift For A Brexit Deal Or “Go Straight Through” The Rebel Law Blocking No-Deal

If a deal can be done, Downing Street has a plan for inducements and political pressure to win over rebel MPs. If there’s no deal, it wants to ensure the EU does not offer an extension.

Alex Wickham One month ago