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These White Tiger Cubs Are The Most Beautiful Creatures You'll See Today


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They've touched down in Brisbane, Australia, after being flown over from the Hirakawa Zoo, in Japan.

They're going to be taken in by Dreamworld Theme Park on the Gold Coast as part of its tiger breeding programme, as it attempts to battle the decline of tigers in the wild.


They don't have names yet but according to MyGC they will become adopted sisters to three other cubs, called Kai, Adira and Akasha.


Since this post went live, a number of commenters have raised concerns about inbreeding and "false conservation", since these tigers cannot survive in the wild.

BuzzFeed took these concerns to Dreamworld, which issued this response.

Dreamworld through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is the leading zoological contributor to tiger conservation worldwide.

Monies raised through tiger activities at Dreamworld and the park’s ‘Adopt an Animal’ program go directly to saving tigers in the wild through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF). Established by Dreamworld in 2012, DWF is an internationally recognised fund committed to the protection, education and conservation of Australian and international wildlife including tigers.

DWF directly funds anti-poaching patrols of wild tiger reserves in Indonesia and Russia and supports the education and tiger conservation initiatives of renowned wildlife groups 21st Century Tiger, Flora and Fauna International and the Phoenix Fund.

All our tigers (nine adults and now five cubs) at Dreamworld are special because they are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, raising money for tiger conservation.

Our new white cubs are part of the next generation for Tiger Island, helping to secure the future of this facility and continue our significant financial contributions to tiger conservation.

White tigers are special because they are tigers, not because they are white. They are generic tigers, not a species in their own right.

Dreamworld is an active member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Australasia and Dreamworld supports ZAA in the commitment to hold tigers in the Sumatran Tiger species management program.