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    These Photos Of Las Vegas Will Take Your Breath Away

    Vincent Laforet's latest project is staggering.

    This breathtaking photo of Las Vegas was taken by famous photographer Vincent Laforet.

    Vincent Laforet / Via

    In 2002, Laforet won the Pulitzer Prize. He was awarded it for his pictures of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan suffering during the post 9/11 conflicts.

    Vincent Laforet / Via

    He told Huh Magazine: "It took us 45 minutes to get far enough away from downtown and to an elevation of 10,800 feet in our helicopter - or 8,799 feet above Las Vegas which itself is 2,001 feet above sea level."

    Vincent Laforet / Via

    It's a follow-up to his acclaimed series of pictures of New York from the air.

    Dustin Snipes

    He's apparently planning to shoot next in London, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong.

    Vincent Laforet / Via

    If these images are anything to go by, the next sets will be unmissable.

    Vincent Laforet / Via

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