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    Nando's Made Stormzy A Cheeky Fake Burger And Everyone's Losing Their Minds

    It's not real. Everyone chill out.

    Earlier today on Twitter Stormzy made this very important point.

    Nandos 101: Halloumi cheese & garlic bread is a burger in itself. Need to going that on the menu @NandosUK 😂

    Whereupon Nando's replied...

    People had a lot of opinions.

    @Stormzy1 @NandosUK Delete this immediately and order a half chicken (hot), large Peri salt chips, halloumi, perinaise. Bin the bread,thanks

    @NandosUK @Stormzy1 I demand this be rolled out across all Nandos immediately

    @demw96 @Stormzy1 @NandosUK sounds like heaven on a plate 😩

    And also wanted it to be a real thing.

    @Stormzy1 @NandosUK i would pay good money for this if they melted it on

    @NandosUK @Stormzy1 For real? I'll be ordering one Thursday then.

    Sadly it's not, Nando's has confirmed. Buuuuut it really SHOULD turn its menu hacks into a range for UK Lethal Bizzle....

    They could make a special meal for Tinie Tempah...

    ...or Skepta...

    They could even pay homage to old-school crews.

    Come on, Nando's. Make it happen.