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Six Arrested After Violence At Pro-Unionist Rally In Glasgow

Police were called to disperse an angry standoff in Glasgow’s George Square.

Violent scenes broke out in Glasgow on Friday night as a large number of police were forced to maintain peace in a city that only yesterday voted for independence.

Hundreds of individuals waving union flags and chanting anti-independence slogans descended on George Square, where police struggled to contain them.

George Square was the focus for Glasgow's Yes Scotland campaigners in the run-up to and during Thursday's referendum, and hosted regular gatherings for pro-independence supporters.

The situation on Friday was tense, as the pro-union section of the crowd chanted "Rule Britannia".

fight breaks out. Whole square runs over chanting and shouting and singing Rule Britannia. Nasty business. And not about referendum.

Some Yes voters in the square were separated from the unionist group by police.

I'm in George Sq. Helicopter low and car windows smashed in St Vincent Pl. Fire truck & police horses in attendance

Police horses and helicopters were quickly deployed.

Police helicopters are up over George Square as union supporters turn up

Pro-unionists were gathering in the square during the day.

Union rally in George Square, Glasgow. #indyref

Details of the meeting were shared on the Facebook page of the far-right party Britain First, although the party claims it did not instigate it.

Dozens of cars with Union Jacks from their windows are heading for George Square. Roads closed so traffic-jam party

Shortly before, on Thursday night, Yes voters had been revelling in the square, and mourning the result once it was announced.

George Square now a very different one from the peaceful one I reported on earlier

There were many claims on social media that the pro-union protesters were using Nazi salutes.

This picture, by photographer Jon Brady, was widely circulated on Twitter.

It has also been claimed the gestures were the similar (and highly controversial) "Red Hand of Ulster" salute, often associated with loyalist politics and Rangers football club.

And this is George Square in Glasgow right now Friday 7pm: nazi salutes, jeering and threats #indyref

Many of the pro-union supporters displayed Rangers FC-related banners.

This is probably not what the Queen meant when she said to "think very carefully"

The majority of Yes supporters left the area by sunset but a small group remained. BuzzFeed News saw multiple individuals pushed to the ground and kicked as police attempted to hold the two sides apart.

Anti-independence songs were chanted.

"can ye hear Alex salmond sing" / "stick yer independence up yer arse"

Red smoke bombs flew over police lines outside Glasgow Queen Street railway station.

But police just about kept the the area under control after deploying substantial numbers of officers and mounted police.

The disturbance then spread on to nearby Buchanan Street, one of Glasgow's main shopping districts. Although many of the pro-union individuals appeared to be looking for a fight, there were few Yes supporters for them to attack.

At 10pm on Friday night police horses were working hard to keep the sides apart but largely succeeding.

Six people were eventually arrested, ITV News reported.