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The Mumsnet Thread On Marital Rows Will Destroy Your Faith In The Sanctity Of Marriage

Reasons for arguing include THE NINE TIMES TABLE.

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No doubt about it. This is a strong start to a thread.


This is a person's life now: being accused of "engineering" time on the toilet due to his cereal choice.



Whether or not buffalo mozarella actually comes from buffaloes.

The sewerage system.

Wall lights.

The future of the eurozone.

England's football team.

Rearranging the dishwasher after it's been loaded.

A plastic moustache.

Tomatoes (cherry vs normal).

Who chose to watch Panic Room.

The correct way to paint a door.

Ex-husband/--cock of epic proportions-- cited as an example of MY unreasonable behaviour in the divorce petition (this being the ex-husband who was a serial adulterer) that I stormed off at a James Blunt concert because I didn't agree with the queue he'd chosen. No, I didn't agree, because he was in the one for picking up tickets and WE ALREADY HAD OURS. But the intransigent bugger wouldn't listen.Even my lawyer laughed.
Ex-husband and I once rowed about who would have custody of the child we didn't have, if we got the divorce that we weren't planning. Then anyhoo. The divorce came later...