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    Look At The Awesome Reply To A Message In A Bottle "The X-Files" Sent A Little Girl

    The truth is out there...

    So. Back when she was a little girl, Heidi Grace Bleackley, like many kids, used to write messages in bottles.

    Heidi Bleackley

    She'd drop the bottles off the ferry when she travelled from Gibsons to Vancouver.

    Here's one she wrote quickly in 1996. As you can see, she put her address on it, and named some things she liked – "Cats, dogs, dinosaurs, art, The X Files, Signfeld (sic), Carolyn in the City (sic), trampolining and writing".

    A little while after she dropped the bottle in the water, 11-year-old Bleackley got this envelope in the mail.

    Heidi Bleackley

    What could possibly be in it?


    Heidi Bleackley
    When I got the reply from The X-Files, at first I couldn't understand what I was holding in my hands. Was it a joke? Was I part of some larger conspiracy from the X-Files? I was supposed to Trust No One! And why on earth did they need an 11-year-old smalltown girl for their plans? After much counsel from friends and family and all their friends and family, I determined that I was simply the luckiest message-in-a-bottle sender in the history of the world.Their letter response actually made me feel pretty embarrassed – I had a terrible time learning to spell, and I still mess up some pretty basic words (but thank goodness for spellcheck as you type!). I had wished they could have found one of my more practised oceanic notes, one where I took time to get it right. But they found what they found, and I was still glad for their response. I actually did work harder after that – I wrote my first book in high school and never looked back.

    And guess what's happened to Bleackley now?

    Heidi Bleackley

    She tells us: "I graduated film school and have been a projectionist (coming up on my 10th anniversary of slingin’ film!). I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was very young, and I’ve been working hard to make that dream a reality. I’ve had several short stories published, and just landed an agent who is approaching publishers about one of my novels."

    X-Files crew member, if you ever see this, you did such a good job. This is one of my treasured possessions. I was such a fan of the show then, and became The Biggest Fan Ever (TM) after you sent me this.

    We asked what her favourite episode was. Obviously we expected her to say "Tooms". But she didn't.

    20th Television / Via

    Bleackley said: "My favourite episode is 'Quagmire', because I like to think it took inspiration from our local sea monster, the Ogopogo. My family used to vacation right on the lake where the Ogopogo is said to live, so my imagination had already run wild with possibilities about it, and to see a whole episode of The X-Files go nuts with it was beyond amazing… That, and Mulder and Scully marooned on a rock in the middle of the night was almost too much for a ‘shipper to handle."