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Americans On Tumblr Are Freaking Out About The Fact British People Eat Beans On Toast

This all made sense until cucumbers got brought into it.

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As we in Britain know, beans on toast is an absolutely splendid snack.

Here are some beans on toast. A cheap, nutritious, and easy-to-make meal that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also leave you able to do farts that could blow a house down at 30 feet.

But to Americans, the concept of "beans on toast" is proving a little concerning.

As it happens, it's not something you get with your cheeky Nando's.

And on balance, it probably is a bit weird.

But then our beans come with a different sauce to their American counterparts.

Which may make all the difference.

Anyway, the thing is, if America was concerned at first...

...when this picture started to circulate (for some reason)... REALLY freaked.

And it is an outrage.

To be clear America – we do not eat beans, toast, and cucumber. We sometimes eat it with eggs.

And we regularly eat it with cheese, which to be frank is one of mankind's greatest discoveries.

So try it. You might like it.

In actual fact, what we're wondering is... what's the point of beans if you're NOT going to have them on toast?