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    James Blunt Just Trolled The Absolute Sh*t Out Of Everyone Going To Glastonbury This Year

    Well PLAYED, sir. Well played.

    As you know, the Foo Fighters have had to pull out of headlining Glastonbury. 😒

    Ian West / PA WIRE

    The decision was made after lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg during a concert in Sweden last week.

    Facebook: foofighters

    And now the question on everyone's lips is: Who can replace them as Glastonbury headliners?


    If only there was a popular artist who could step into the void. A man who knows how to rock. Hard. Whose bloodstream is infused with heavy metal.

    A man like...

    ...James Blunt?

    Amazed and thrilled to get the call from @GlastoFest to headline in place of @foofighters. Of course I said yes! #rockon

    Some people seem to believe him...

    James Blunt replacing Foo Fighters at Glastonbury. Good job I'll have my headphones in blasting Pleasure Rooms isn't it.

    james blunt instead of foo fighters at glastonbury.............................

    So Glastonbury have swapped Foo Fighters for James Blunt as their headline act? Smh...πŸ˜’πŸ’©

    James blunt to headline Glastonbury instead of foo fighters? can't work out if that's legit or not...

    A bunch of people are making this joke...

    @JamesBlunt @GlastoFest @foofighters break a leg!

    @JamesBlunt @GlastoFest @foofighters break a leg..

    And most people are just like...

    @JamesBlunt @GlastoWatch @GlastoFest @foofighters nice bit of trolling Mr Blunt

    @JamesBlunt @GlastoFest @foofighters I fucking love James Blunt. King of Twitter Trolls!

    BuzzFeed News has contacted the Glastonbury press office to verify this announcement.

    It has yet to respond.

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