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Is This Deep-Fried Big Mac Completely Disgusting Or Absolutely Wonderful?

I'll be honest, I really can't say.

So the people over at Peep My Eats have just come up with this deep-fried Big Mac on a stick.

The recipe's pretty simple: Just scramble some eggs and coat the burger with them, cover with breadcrumbs, and dip it in the deep fat fryer.

When I first saw this, I thought it was utterly disgusting. But I've now spent the rest of the day thinking I actually could eat a deep-fried Big Mac on a stick, and moreover, I'd actually enjoy it.

And I'm not alone.

Can't get the image of that deep fried Big Mac out my head.

I genuinely think the deep fried big mac looks awesome..

But I also have a lot of time for this point of view.

Yall gon eat a deep fried Big Mac? Forreal? Okay...

Just seen a deep fried big mac on the tl I might vomit

It's tricky. It's very tricky.

  1. How do you feel about the deep-fried Big Mac?

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How do you feel about the deep-fried Big Mac?
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    It's a terrible, disgusting thing and conclusive proof we need to rip up modern society and start all over.
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    It looks delicious, and if you don't agree you're straight up kidding yourself.
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    I have literally no opinions on the deep-fried Big Mac and am slightly confused as to why you're asking me to provide them.