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    9 Extremely Sensible Replacement Shows For "Top Gear"

    Apparently the BBC is looking to renew the show for 2016. But if it doesn't, fans will just LOVE these new formats.

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    1. The Carr Show With Alan Carr

    Anthony Harvey / Greg Baker / Getty / BuzzFeed

    The flamboyant chatshow host secretly paints men's cars bright pink and then forces them to drive around town while he asks them a series of unexpectedly searching questions about their notions of masculinity.

    2. Torching Cars With Russell Brand

    Kevin Winter / Getty / BuzzFeed

    Cameras follow Russell Brand and his youthful acolytes on a round-the-country tour of anarchist violence. At each pitstop, Brand delivers a diatribe against The Powers That Be for the length of time it takes a 2014 Ford Fiesta to burn itself out.

    3. Owen Jones' National Rail

    Dan Dennison / Christopher Furlong / Jim Watson / Getty / BuzzFeed

    The left-wing activist travels the country on public transport, meeting trade unionists and social workers to discuss their feelings on renationalising the railway system.

    4. Caravanning With Mary Beard

    Tom Phillips / BuzzFeed

    Noted academic and feminist Mary Beard takes a very pleasant holiday around the beauty spots of Wales in an old caravan.

    5. Bennett, Bonnet, Ban It!

    Christopher Furlong / Getty / Via

    Hidden cameras film Green party leader Natalie Bennett as she travels Britain making a series of small yet unsightly dents in the bonnets of expensive cars. The owners then have just 20 minutes to fix the damage with nothing but household objects, or all cars everywhere will be ceremonially destroyed.

    6. I Never Liked Cars Anyway With James May

    BBC / Alan White / BuzzFeed

    In which the desolate Top Gear co-host issues a two-hour tirade from the comfort of his bed about the number of deaths on the road, the long-term impact of carbon emissions, and the misogynistic attitude of much of the motoring media.

    7. Harriet Harman's Sensible Family Cars

    Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty / Via ADRIAN DENNIS/ AFP /

    The senior Labour politician and former equalities minister rates a series of practical and affordable family cars on the basis of their safety, storage space, child-friendliness, and carbon footprint.

    8. Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad With George Monbiot / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    Environmentalist and Guardian columnist George Monbiot rides a bicycle very slowly down the middle of a narrow country lane with a placid look on his face, seemingly unable to hear the furious shouts from the Range Rover driver who is unable to get past him.

    9. What Else Do They Like? God Knows. Fishing? Could We Do a Show About Fishing?

    Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    Three BBC executives compete in a series of hilarious extreme stunts as they try to brainstorm a replacement for Top Gear that will please the show's angry but valuable male demographic.

    H/T to Chris Applegate and Justin McKeating for inspiration.

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