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Why Are Young People Mixing Coke With Fanta In Restaurants, And Can It Ever Be Acceptable?

Talk to me, youths.

So. The other day I was out for lunch with my colleague Siraj in Nando's.

On Siraj's side of the table was a glass of Coke. "That looks a bit watered down," I said.

To Twitter.

#journorequest Do you mix diet coke and fanta when in Nando's like @dats? If so get in touch and explain wtf is wrong with you

The responses confirmed my suspicions. Here, for example, is a fellow Old Person.

@aljwhite @dats i saw this happen on Saturday. some Young People were doing it. i didn't understand it and i was scared.

And here is a Young Person.

We mix our watered down fizzy drinks bc it's the only type of resistance our generation has left @aljwhite

Here, is another Young Person.

I decided to interview this Young Person.

Though I would later see she wasn't alone in this.

Mixing Fanta + Coke + Sprite in Subway... I can't be the only one 😂😂😂

Here is another Young Person.

@aljwhite This is the best thing ever! more than willing to explain.

I also took the time to speak with Mr May about his predilection.

The more I looked, the more I found Young People, merrily mixing Coke and Fanta like it was just a thing to do.

Everytime I go Subway I mix Coke and Fanta together Tremendous why have they not invited this as a canned drink ?

I usually drink Coke ... But whenever I have both Fanta & Coke I always mix them and then Drink ... Its my Old Habbit I can't change it 😉💜

“@jdotwilson90: If you drink anything other than fanta in Nando's you're a weirdo” I mix fanta & coke so I must be extra weird 🌚😂

this employee looked so disgusted at me when i asked her to mix all the drinks for me What's wrong with fanta, sprite and coke together?

Here is an office discussion between a Young Person and a Young Person who has grown out of it.

Meanwhile, this tweet sums up the views of My Generation.

@Ned_Donovan @aljwhite @dats Shame you can't put people in the stocks anymore.

A sensible generation. A generation that has no time for this Frankenstein's Soda Monster. A generation that comes from a better, more innocent time.

Thus concludes the investigation.