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This Hero Has Turned Down Millions Of Dollars For His Home-Made Batmobile So He Can Visit Sick Kids

Zac Mihajlovic: the hero we deserve.

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And which he built himself.

He told MailOnline he'd bought a few spare parts from the actual Batmobile from the Tim Burton movie back in 2009: "I'm a car and bike guy so I love all that sort of stuff. It doesn't get much better, if you can build anything what would you build? For me it was a Batmobile."


He built the car with his grandfather and friend Scott Cox from Scotty's Choppers.

Tony Prescott / Barcroft Cars

He has no formal mechanical training: it wasn't finished until 2011, whereupon it stayed in the garage for a year while Mihajlovic decided what to do with it.

The Batmobile isn't his only creation: also made a Bat Bike.

He told the Mirror: ""I've always been a movie fan. Batman has the coolest vehicle and he's the only one without super powers."