This Hero Has Turned Down Millions Of Dollars For His Home-Made Batmobile So He Can Visit Sick Kids

    Zac Mihajlovic: the hero we deserve.

    This is Zac Mihajlovic, 29, from Camden, Australia.

    And this is Zac Mihajlovic with his car.

    Which actually works.

    And which he built himself.

    He told MailOnline he'd bought a few spare parts from the actual Batmobile from the Tim Burton movie back in 2009: "I'm a car and bike guy so I love all that sort of stuff. It doesn't get much better, if you can build anything what would you build? For me it was a Batmobile."

    And this is where Zac goes in his car.

    He's teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to visit poorly children. He now considers it his "full-time work".

    He's been offered millions of dollars for his car, from businessmen around the world including a sheikh in Dubai: he's turned them all down.

    He built the car with his grandfather and friend Scott Cox from Scotty's Choppers.

    It took him another year before he could get it registered as roadworthy.

    The Batmobile isn't his only creation: also made a Bat Bike.

    He told the Mirror: ""I've always been a movie fan. Batman has the coolest vehicle and he's the only one without super powers."

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