8 Kids’ TV Theme/Hip-Hop Mash-Ups That Will Make You Smile

Kids’ TV was a lot more gangsta than you remember. You’ve probably forgotten how dope some of the rhymes on it were. Here’s a reminder.

1. Of course you’ll remember that the Grange Hill theme was written by Ludacris.

You do. Have a listen.

2. It wasn’t as good as Thomas The Tank Engine’s, which featured some deep bars from Jay-Z.

3. And you might have forgotten the time Bert and Ernie started spitting M.O.P’s “Ante Up”.

4. To be honest, the Lil Jon-inspired episode of Duck Tales was better.

5. It was almost as good as the time G.I. Joe covered Junior M.A.F.I.A.

6. Or when Barney the Dinosaur took on Soulja Boy.

7. Or Spongebob decided to cover Eminem.

8. But none of them were as good as that bit in The Lion King when they did Lil Wayne.

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