29 Goddamn Heroes

Not just the heroes we deserve, the heroes we need right NOW.

1. This guy.

2. This generous neighbour.

3. Zac Galifianakis.


4. Bonnie and Clyde.

5. This commuter.

6. This dog.

7. A man called Porky Bickar, and not just because he was a man called Porky Bickar.

10. Jennifer Lawrence.

Mike Blake / Reuters


11. This blind teacher who’s so well respected his kids refuse to cheat in his class.

CBS News / Via cbsnews.com

12. Ron Swanson.

13. Winnie the Pooh.

14. This firefighter.

15. Whoever drives this.

16. Lee Dixon, who knows how to name an owl.

17. THIS dog.

18. Gary Taylor, who was a regular at this bar.

19. This wife.

20. George Takei after he posted that picture to his Facebook and got complaints.

21. Terry Pratchett.

22. Eugene Cernan, who wrote his daughter’s initials in the moon’s dust.

Well, kinda.

23. This beer lover.

24. Jennifer Lawrence again.

Mike Blake / Reuters


25. This kid.

26. This driver.

27. This chicken.

28. Zorro Cat.

29. And, obviously, Dave Grohl.

There goes MY hero.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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