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Here's Another Deluge Of 2019 General Election Misinformation

So many falsehoods, such little time.

1. Facebook took down Tory adverts which used edited versions of BBC content.

They included the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg describing a "pointless delay to Brexit" and Huw Edwards saying "another Brexit delay".

The corporation complained to Facebook, saying that intellectual property rights had been infringed, and Facebook agreed.

We’re aware of Conservative Party Facebook adverts using edited BBC content. This is a completely unacceptable use of BBC content which distorts our output and which could damage perceptions of our impartiality. We are asking the Conservatives to remove these adverts.

2. Google also removed eight different Tory adverts.

Transparency data from Google revealed the Tories had broken the search engine giant's rules, though the exact nature of the adverts' content was not disclosed. Six of the eight adverts were put up on the day of the Labour manifesto launch.

3. The BBC apologised for shortening a clip of Boris Johnson on Question Time so that the audience laughter that followed a question on trust was not included.

This is utterly extraordinary. @BBCNews has edited out the audience laughing at Boris Johnson being questioned on trust. The first part is from last night’s debate, the second is from BBC News at 1pm today. #ge2019

Some people felt this was a significant misrepresentation; others thought that what the studio audience makes of a discussion may not be a matter of great importance. 🤷‍♂️

4. A fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet circulated after the London Bridge attack.

5. Also on the subject of the attack — this is not a real Guardian writer.

Among those taken in by the hoax Twitter account were former UKIP MEP Roger Helmer.

6. This Conservative claim about the London Bridge terrorist is somewhat misleading.

Because legislation brought in by your government in 2008 meant that dangerous terrorists had to automatically be released after half of their jail term. Conservatives changed the law in 2012 to end your automatic release policy but Khan was convicted before this. https://t.co/8fCm880MSK

It is a complicated legal situation, but the fact is that different sentences were available to the judges. The Conservative defence of this framing of the argument is that the court was applying the law as made by Parliament (under a Labour government at the time).

7. A letter to the Financial Times was shared on Facebook as evidence the newspaper was backing Labour.

Currently going viral on Facebook: This letter to the Financial Times from Labour-supporting economists. But because no one has an FT login, people can only read the first line of the letter and are claiming the FT has endorsed Corbyn and everyone's really happy about it!

8. Labour's leaked documents did not really reveal the NHS is "up for sale" as claimed. At least not yet. However, they certainly did reveal some significant concerns with regards to a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

Do think this is highly misleading.... There's nothing in these docs that remotely equates to the NHS being up for sale. The issue is the price at which *drugs* will be up for sale, and which the NHS pays as a buyer. https://t.co/Hiv8SeXKV8

9. The Lib Dems have been publishing fake election newspapers, which made one local newspaper group threaten to stop covering the party.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson defended them. There's something of an irony here, in that local newspapers allow political parties to take out adverts that are remarkably similar.

10. Here's yet another misleading Lib Dem bar chart (if you're not paying attention). This doesn't show the votes at the last general election; it's based on the results of a police and crime commissioner election.

It’s a 2 horse race in #Gateshead constituency #GE2019

11. This Tory MP prepped one of his own contacts before he doorstepped him with a news crew, and the result might be one of the funniest political videos of all time.

this is more Thick Of It than the actual Thick Of It

12. Johnson did not wear a hidden earpiece on Question Time.

No, Boris Johnson didn’t wear a hidden earpiece on #BBCQT. He just has a weird flap of skin in his right ear that sometimes gets picked up by lights and camera flashes.

13. Labour's claims about savings under its policies aren't plausible.

The claim that Labour could save you £6,716, made here, is predominantly based on rail season tickets and childcare — both of which are relevant to a minority of people in the UK, as Full Fact explains here.

While we're on the topic, a former Labour adviser made a joke on Twitter about that Mirror headline, which was misinterpreted — perhaps deliberately — by both the right-wing press and the Tory party.

14. This is not a tweet by a journalist and there's no evidence this happened.

15. Sajid Javid's claim about homelessness rising under Labour is complete nonsense.

"It's Labour that was responsible for the massive rise of homelessness." Chancellor @sajidjavid claims that the previous Labour government is to blame for the UK's rise in homelessness. Labour's pledged to end rough sleeping in the #GE2019 campaign: https://t.co/xUdNCUIw2l

As C4 Factcheck has pointed out, even if he got his dates mixed up, he's still wrong. Labour oversaw the decline in statutory homelessness to which he was referring.

16. And, finally, Johnson did not talk about "people of colour", contrary to an incorrect Channel 4 News caption on a video.

Boris Johnson says “people of talent” not “people of colour.” Our earlier tweet was a mistake. We misheard and we apologise.