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    Vanilla Ice Has His Own Line Of Chandeliers

    When I hear "Ice, Ice Baby" all I can think of is affordable yet attractive home decor.

    Twitter: @vanillaice

    He also, apparently, has a stunningly lifelike cardboard cutout of himself.

    The chandeliers aren't available on the site just yet, but these incredible videos of Ice hawking his product are.

    View this video on YouTube

    Highlights include:

    - Ice posing with his own cardboard cutout.

    - The color of the chandelier, which is "Ice Bronze."

    - Ice proclaiming of his idea, "It's finally COMIN' TO LIGHT."

    - (redirects to 1800-Lighting's website, but details).

    - Eric, the long-suffering 1800-Lighting employee whom Ice serenades on a baby grand piano.

    Ice (neé Rob Van Winkle) does not, as of press time, appear to have a Pinterest, but he DOES have his own show on HGTV called The Vanilla Ice Project in which he renovates a 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach mansion.

    h/t Rachel for singlehandedly solving all lighting conundrums evermore.

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