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The Year 2013 As Told By Nail Art

Gather round, dear children, for a cuticle-based tale of yesteryear.

Miley Cyrus happened.

And happened.

And all of a sudden everyone was super concerned with twerking.

Prince George was born.

As was baby Kimye.

Sounds like another royal wedding is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

Candy Crush took over the hearts, minds, and thumbs of the world.

While Orange Is the New Black took over its eyes, ears, and Netflix accounts.

Wendy Davis filibustered.

Teens sexted.

Sharknado was a thing for .0000000000001 seconds.

Arrested Development came back.

And Breaking Bad came to an end.

Hot dogs or legs??? The world may never know.

Banksy caused a stir.

Grumpy Cat continued her reign.

Thanksgivukkah happened for the first (and only) time in 70,000 years.

Everyone you've ever met tried to send you this video.

Doges doged.