Banksy Sold Art On Saturday In Manhattan For $60 And No One Knew

Moral of the story: Buy everything from every street vendor because you never know who really made it.

1. According to a video posted to Banksy’s blog, the anonymous artist set up an art booth Saturday morning. It looks to be around Central Park South in Manhattan.

2. It took hours for Banksy to make his first sale, and it was only after he agreed to a 50% discount from the $60 list price.

3. He appears to have sold many more throughout the day.

4. People are tweeting about how the unknowing buyers have just stumbled upon small fortunes.

Owen Stretch


omfg the ppl who unknowingly bought these r rich now RT @samir: wow, banksy sold art in NYC yesterday and no-one knew

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6. Perhaps that is why the salesman hugged every purchaser.

7. See the whole thing here:

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