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    Kate Middleton's Family Releases Royal-Baby-Themed Partyware

    The best thing about Kate is that she comes from party-planning stock.

    Did you guys know that Kate Middleton is pregnant?

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    Well, she is. And her family, which runs the party-planning site Party Pieces, recently launched a line for "New Little Princes and Princesses."

    According to The Daily Mail, the products are "suitable for American-style baby showers, christening parties or first birthday celebrations." (Apparently baby showers have only recently begun to catch on the UK, much to the chagrin of this Telegraph columnist, who writes, "I rather find myself longing for the old days, when talk of an impending shower simply meant I would have to hunt out my umbrella.")

    The Mail piece also touches on the fact that the Middletons are opening themselves up to criticism that they're "cashing in on the royal pregnancy;" they sustained similar accusations surrounding the Royal Wedding and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

    Indigo / Getty Images

    If you want to buy these very reasonably-priced items, to celebrate your own little royal baby or to stock up for the arrival of Will and Kate's (FREE PARTY IDEA ALERT), you can do so here.

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