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How To Make The Last-Minute "SNL" Costume Of Your Dreams

There's still time to get your Gilly on. As seen on the TODAY Show!

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Still desperately trying to think of a costume? Never fear!

Peter Kramer/TODAY Show

We went on the TODAY Show to give you a hand with "Saturday Night Live"-themed costumes you can make with stuff you probably already have around the house.

Bring It On Down to Wrappinville

Peter Kramer/TODAY Show

The biggest challenge here is finding a box large enough to put your whole body in. When that's done, just cut holes for the head and arms and wrap the whole thing in the worst Christmas paper you can find. (We found that it was easiest to cut the holes before wrapping and then cut the paper after it was all wrapped.) Add gloves and a dance routine and you're good to go.


Peter Kramer/TODAY Show

Take a black dress you don't wear anymore and cut out hearts, as well as a hairbow, from red and pink felt. Attach them with glue (or safety pins if you'd like to use the dress afterward). Dig up a short-sleeved white shirt and find a curly brown wig if your hair can't achieve Gilly's majesty on its own.



Peter Kramer/TODAY Show

This one is all about attitude. Find the absolute ugliest, scene-iest shirts you can manage — one long-sleeved and one short — and a whole bunch of chunky rings. Gel your bangs into a point and you're ready to hit up New York's hottest club.

30 Rock

Peter Kramer/TODAY Show

For what is Halloween without a good old-fashioned pun? No Halloween of mine. Take a black t-shirt, cut out 30 felt rocks of varying sizes, and label them all with different types of rocks. Mine included "igneous," "punk," and "___, paper, scissors."