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Here's The Perfect Way To Welcome 2017

A rememberlutions jar is a fantastic alternative (or addition!) to New Year's resolutions.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Hello pals! Welcome to the tail end of the year. (AT LONG LAST.) A couple of years ago, we made a project that we called "rememberlutions jars."

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

It's a mouthful, but also really fun to say.

The idea behind the jars is simple: instead of (or in addition to) making New Year's resolutions that might stress you out or make you feel like a failure, keep a record of all the things you're actually proud of throughout the year.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Write down your accomplishments or things that made you feel good, no matter how small, and put 'em in the jar as they occur. At the end of the year, read through all your slips of paper, and see how far you've come.

You can decorate your jar however you want, whether it's with photos of things you love...

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Paint pens...

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

We used these ones from Michaels, which are really cheap ($8 for the set of 14) and have really strong, opaque color without smelling too terrible.

Extremely specific stamps...

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Get these ones from Etsy.

Or a truly creepy amount of googly eyes.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed


You can even make a party of it!

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

In the weeks (or hours) leading up to the new year, invite your nearest and dearest over for some light crafting and heavy drinking. (If that's your thing.) It's also a great activity for kids, minus the drinking.

We wanted to update the project for the upcoming year, and so here are some variations.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

You could make a themed jar, like one meant to inspire you to travel.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Elaina, who made this jar, said she was inspired because "I've always loved traveling, but after graduation and my move to NYC, it took me almost two years to realize I had succumbed to the daily grind and hadn't gone anywhere new in quite a while! The world is so big and I have so much left to see. I hope my jar will be filled with new places I go and happy memories I had in those places."

You could make a jar for your whole family.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Write down proud moments for every family member throughout the year, and read them together when you're all home for the holidays.

Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

Or you could make one as a gift for someone else, like your sister or best friend.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Keep a record of all the stuff you're proud of them for doing, even if they don't recognize it themselves. Sometimes we see other people's accomplishments much more clearly than we can see our own!

Or just stick to making one for yourself — chances are, you could use a reminder of how rad you are.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

AnaMaria said: "I used this jar to give myself a pat on the back for my accomplishments in 2016 (finishing school, getting a dream job, AH!).

But something I found to be significantly more fulfilling was recognizing all the little, beautiful things I experienced in 2016: having a great conversation with my mom and dad, a much-needed hang out session with a best friend that involved doing absolutely nothing, spending a lot of quality time with my sisters and realizing they're probably the funniest people in the world.

It felt amazing to not write down vague resolutions, ones that I've probably been telling myself since age 14, and to instead acknowledge important accomplishments and moments from this past year. "

So grab a jar (or three) and some craft supplies.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

And get pumped for 2017.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

If you make a rememberlutions jar of your own, show us a picture!

Special thanks to Tracy Clayton for conceiving the original project, and to Alessia Santoro for helping make it happen.

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