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    37 Adorable And Unexpected Easter Egg DIYs

    You've been painting your eggs basic pastels for way too long. Time to crack (HA) that less-than-exciting tradition once and for all.

    1. Stamped Easter Eggs

    Use your favorite stamp set and make all the egg puns you can imagine. Get the instructions here.

    2. Decoupage Easter Eggs

    This is a great, small-surface-area way to try decoupage if you've never done it before (and an easy way to impress everyone if you have). Directions here.

    3. Paper Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs

    This is even easier, since all you need are napkins. Directions here.

    4. Glittery Easter Eggs

    Dr. Seuss would be proud. Directions here.

    5. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

    Hey cool, yet one more thing you can cover in washi tape. Directions here.

    6. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

    7. Ombre Easter Eggs

    8. Silk-Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

    This is a super cool and easy trick; just don't use a tie anybody would actually miss. Directions here.

    9. Crochet Easter Egg Holder

    All eggs deserve sweaters. Directions here.

    10. Pantone Easter Eggs

    You don't even have to stick to Emerald 17-5641, Pantone's Color of the Year. Find out how to make your own from How About Orange.

    11. Onion-Skin-Dyed Easter Eggs

    Pay homage to Nature. Full tutorial here.

    12. Gilded Easter Eggs

    Pay homage to whatever fairy tale has that goose that lays golden eggs. Directions here.

    13. Watercolor Easter Eggs

    Directions here.

    14. Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

    You totally know how to do this already.

    15. Easter Egg Love Note

    Again with the egg puns. (I was going to write "egg-gain" but I didn't because I care about you.) From Marta Writes.

    16. Knitted Easter Eggs

    Bonus: even if you drop them all, they won't shatter. Pattern available from The Purl Bee.

    17. Dipped Wooden Easter Eggs

    Neither will these. Directions here.

    18. Ink-Stamped Easter Eggs

    Tutorial here (in German).

    19. Embroidered Easter Eggs

    This project involves a drill and a whole lot of precision, but the results are completely adorable. Directions from Design Sponge.

    20. Gold-Dipped Easter Eggs

    Directions here.

    21. Peep Cake Pops

    So cute that you won't want to eat them. Alternatively, so cute that you'll derive a twisted sense of pleasure from eating them. Directions here.

    22. Glitter-filled Easter Egg

    Makes for ideal glitterbombing. Directions here.

    23. Dalek Easter Egg

    24. Easter Egg Cupcakes

    MAGIC. Directions here.

    25. KISS Easter Eggs

    These are literally perfect.

    26. Easter Surprise Eggs

    FInd out how to make these here.

    27. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

    This is seriously the coolest, easiest egg-decorating trick ever. Directions from Country Living.

    28. Natural-Plant-Dyed Easter Eggs

    Carrots, blueberries, spinach and even red wine can all become dye. Find out how to easily and cheaply make your own here.

    29. Easter Egg Lunch

    30. Easter Egg Votives

    Perfect for when the egg hunt is over, you've changed out of your Sunday best, and you're ready to chow down on some chocolate by candlelight. Directions here.

    31. Fabric-Wrapped Easter Eggs

    It looks just as pretty while you're making it as when it's done. Directions here.

    32. Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs

    33. Silhouette Easter Eggs

    Give the Victorians some props. Directions here.

    34. Reverse-Silhouette Easter Eggs

    And the reverse-Victorians. Directions here.

    35. Felted Easter Eggs

    The only drawback with these cuties is that you won't be able to stop petting them. WEIRD. Directions here.

    36. Eggshell Planter

    Full tutorial here.

    37. Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs

    If you can't bring yourself to give up the pastels, punch them up this way. Directions here.

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