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32 Things You'll Find At A Sheep And Wool Festival

The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival takes place annually in New York's Hudson Valley; it's pretty much the best place to go if you're at all interested in cuddly animals, adorable children, sweaters — or more yarn than you've ever seen in your entire life.

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I've gone for the past five years and I always promise myself I won't spend any money on yarn or food. Like clockwork, every year I find myself in line for the ATM with a maple cotton candy in one hand and a bag full of artisan-spun merino yarn in the other. (I knit, btw.)


5. Said adorable children trying to get away from their yarn-obsessed parents:

If my mom made me wear a wool handknit hat and sweater on a warm, sunny day, I might try to escape too.


8. Athletic dogs doing tricks:

In the "Paw Stars" competition, dogs from local shelters got to show off their tricks. There was even a race where they competed against little kids (the dogs won each round, although the kids didn't seem to care). This dog's name is Moshi and he puts any liberal arts college's entire Ultimate Frisbee team to shame.


21. A felted family of gnomes:

Felting is a process where wool is agitated, either by hand or in the hot wash, in order to create a thicker, denser fabric. We already knew that everything could be knitted (see: deer heads, bicycles, armchairs) but these vendors proved that everything can be felted as well.


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