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    21 Social-Media Inspired Crafts You Can Own

    Because you don't REALLY love Twitter until it says so on your caftan.

    1. Hashtag Chalkboard

    Congrats grads!! Buy it here.

    2. Twitter Handle Necklace

    GIVE IT. Available here.

    3. "Follow Me" Tattoo Tights

    These are the only garment you will ever need.

    4. @ Ring

    #marryme? Buy it here.

    5. Fail Whale Necklace

    Is it just me or has it been a pleasantly long time since we've seen this guy?

    6. QR Code Tissue Box Cover

    Get it here.

    7. Facebook Like Rubber Stamp

    You can like everything in your whole house now.

    8. Facebook Chucks

    If you <3 Mark Zuckerberg and Chuck Taylors and have $119 lying around, these are the shoes for you.

    9. Engraved Wood Facebook Earrings

    How rustic. Buy them here.

    10. "I'm Famous On Facebook" Baby Bib

    Oh yeah? Then why do you have to tell us, huh, baby?! Get it here.

    11. Like/ Dislike Cufflinks

    Just one more voice in the "WE NEED A DISLIKE BUTTON" chorus.

    12. Facebook Pillow

    It looks so lonely in that field.

    13. Poke Me Wine Glass

    Pardon? Buy this here.

    14. Facebook Like Embroidery Sampler

    Get the pattern here.

    15. Pinterest Cookies

    Buy them here (they have a ton of other social networks as well, if you happen to prefer Google+).

    16. Wine Cork Pinterest Board

    This is super meta.

    17. Crocheted Instagram Mini Purse

    Buy it here.

    18. Instagram Keychain

    Get it here.

    19. Instagram Monster iPhone Cozy

    I love him.

    20. Social Media Nesting Dolls

    These seem like a metaphor of some kind, but for what I do not know.


    What more could you even want.