21 Gifts For Getting Through A Breakup

Catharsis is important. Whether you’ve just been dumped or it’s happened to someone you know, this stuff is way more effective than ice cream and tears.

1. Order a custom piñata of the ex’s face.

Available from Bunny Corpse. This could also make an awesome regular gift, so long as the recipient has a sense of humor/doesn’t mind watching their own face be smashed in exchange for a shower of fun-size Snickers.

2. Or customize a dartboard.


3. Or a voodoo doll.

That’s Carol. Hi Carol. Available from YouDooDoll.

4. Buy this card for a friend.

Get it here.

5. Or this one.

Get it here.

6. Or this one.

Available here.

7. Get this one for your ex.

Available here.

8. Not really sure who this card is intended for, but it could come in handy.

Available here.

9. Prepare a meal that your/your friend’s ex hated and you/your friend love.

Show that freegan-vegan who’s boss with a succulent rib-eye.

10. Own your heartache with this necklace.

Get it here.

11. Like, REALLY own it.

You could wear it semi-meta-ironically? Get it here.

12. Heal a broken heart with these earrings.

Available here.

13. Pour one out for lost love into this anti-Valentine wine glass.

Available here.

14. Let T-Swift’s experiences serve as a reminder.

She just gets it. Buy one here.

15. Say it with embroidery.

Available here.


This actually seems like an incredibly crafty/cruel way to facilitate a breakup in the first place.

18. This set of some Etsy seller’s ex-boyfriend-bedecked nesting dolls will cure whatever ails you.

These are incredible.

19. Buy a boyfriend in a bottle.

Don’t they kind of look like One Direction? (Except for the bottles.)

20. Bid society’s ideal of romance goodbye with this gym bag.

Available from Someecards.

21. Remember that no matter how bad it gets, it’s better than living in this movie.

I haven’t thought about Vince Vaughn in probably a year. Get this upcycled notebook here.

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