21 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Craft With

Even DIY can have its limits, and those limits are somewhere south of condoms and granola bar wrappers.

1. Condoms

Even if you’ve cast them in silver.

Very festive for Easter.

Actually, you should totally craft with condoms if they’re going to be this adorable. Check out Condom Cuties for more.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

2. Granola Bar Wrappers

You could start a feminist post-wave band with this flute.

4. Weed

That’s an actual marijuana seed in there.

5. Live Turtles’ Shells

Nope wrong the fumes might kill them.

6. Real Dead Moths

Found via the dearly departed Regretsy, the premiere destination for three years of all the magic and horror that Etsy had to offer. It will be missed, and you can still check out the archives.

7. Real Dead Bees

Before you recoil in horror or sadness, you’ll be glad to know this one died “of natural causes.”

8. PBR Cans

Unless you’re just showing off your semi-ironic love, in which case, craft away.

9. Red Bull Cans

10. Human Teeth

Peggy, you forgot one.

12. Real Human Hair

13. Toilet Paper

Novelty embroidered toilet paper is, in fact, a Thing.

14. Toilet Seats

15. Actual Blood

At least (?) it’s cow blood. Human blood would probably cost more than $25.

16. Unicorn Meat

This product is billed as “magic unicorn bacon” (the description goes on to reveal that it is not, in fact, made of actual unicorn, but marketing is everything).

17. Unicorn Poop

It’s actually soap, but see above.

19. Belly Button Lint

21. And the ultimate please-just-leave-this-one-to-the-professionals-or-maybe-nobody-at-all craft medium: Squirrel Scrotums

Just read the description ahh!!

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