45 Engagement Rings That Don’t Suck

Contrary to popular belief, not every girl is dying for a Kim Kardashian–sized rock on her finger. You’ll be happy to know that there are many alternatives to the fuddy-duddy styles offered by Kay Jewelers.

1. Triangle Diamond Engagement Ring, $260

From Etsy.

2. Gold and Onyx Unisex Band, $850

From Etsy.

3. 14k Gold Ring, $350

From Etsy.

4. Sapphire and Red Diamond Ring, $870

By Mociun.

5. 14k Gold and Opal Ring, $475

From Etsy.

6. Modern Sterling Geometric Ring, $180

Get it here.

7. Dainty Sterling and Black Diamond Stacking Ring, $128

Get it here.

8. Sterling Raw Uncut Diamond Ring, $105

From Etsy.

9. Double Band Diamond Ring, $729

Get it here.

10. Men’s Distressed Silver Band Ring, $60

Get it here.

11. Pyrite Cube and Sterling Silver Ring, $105

Get it here.

12. Herkimer Diamond Ring with Gold Band, $325

From Etsy.

13. Modern Silver Ring, $38

This ring is perfect for engraving.

14. Gold Twig Ring, $250

Get it here.

15. Black Diamond, Black Silver Ring, $171

Get it here.

16. Conflict-Free Black Diamond Ring, $385

From Alexis Russell.

17. 14K Gold and Recycled Sterling Silver Geometric Ring, $280

Get it here.

18. Silver Braided Grass Ring, $90

This ring is cast from tiny blades of grass.

19. Black Diamond and Gold Tiny Skull Ring, $250

Get it here.

20. Hand-Carved Silver and Stone Ring, $430

Get it from Bona Drag.

21. Sphere Ring, $210

Get it here.

22. Double Triangle Diamond Ring, $722

From Mociun.

23. Titanium and White Sapphire Ring, $429

Get it here.

24. Prismatic Ring, $330

This price is for sterling silver with cubic zirconia, but it’s also available in 14K gold and black diamonds.

25. Sterling and White Sapphire Ring, $774

Get it from Etsy.

26. Diamond and 14K Gold Moon Ring, $970

Get it from Etsy.

27. Modern White Sapphire Engagement Ring, $228

Get it here

28. Contemporary Matte Sterling and Diamond Ring, $185

Available here.

29. Confetti Ring, $3,165

From Australia.

31. Agate and Rhodonite Ring, $209

Get it here. Also comes in gold and onyx.

32. Diamond and Silver Ring, €105.00

Get it here.

33. Onyx Bowtie Ring, £98.00

Get it here.

34. Black Diamond Ring, $1195

Get it from Alexis Russell.

35. Black Diamond and Titanium Ring, $840

From Etsy.

36. Titanium and Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel White Oak Wedding Band, $260

Get it here.

37. Love Letter Ring, $200

Get it from the Fancy.

38. Sterling with Rhodium Coating Promise Ring, $175

Get it here.

39. Rose Cut Diamond Ring, $1,200

Get it here.

40. Alexandrite and White Gold Ring, $440

41. Black Gold 3 ct. Black Diamond Ring, $1,959

From Etsy.

42. Inverted Diamond Ring, $1,760

From Alex and Chloe.

43. Rose Gold and Diamond Arrow Ring, $825

Get it here.

44. Pyrite and Herkimer Diamond Ring, $938

Get it from Bird.

45. Evergreen Hollow Ring, $770

9k gold and a large green amethyst. Get it here.

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