13 Novelty Toilet Paper Rolls You Can (Should, Really) Own

Because, why wouldn’t you?

1. Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper:

This is actually a practical idea — for those times when you stumble into the bathroom in the middle of the night. From Amazon.

2. Flamingo toilet paper:

The next best thing to an actual vacation, from Amazon

3. Festive, embroidered toilet paper:

From Etsy seller SoftStuf

4. Romantic toilet paper:

Available at SomCreations on Etsy

5. Another gift option:

From Devon Ryan Designs on Etsy

6. And for the pious:

From Etsy seller khakistuff

7. Sudoku toilet paper:

Because sometimes you get bored. Available on eBay

8. Hundred-dollar-bill toilet paper:

Commence jokes about the economy. From eBay

9. Or a fifty-euro bill:

With the current exchange rate, this is worth a lot more fake money than the $100s. From eBay

10. You can ever-so-subtly tell guests who you won’t be voting for in November:

Courtesy of eBay


You can get 5 at once! Thanks, eBay.

12. For blending in while camping:

Again, from eBay

13. And for the child living inside all of us:

From — where else? — PrankPlace.com

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