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    16 Weird And Wonderful Election-Related Crafts You Can Own

    Etsy sellers can always tell exactly what this nation needs. And right now what we need is a crocheted Mitt Romney yarmulke and Paul Ryan's face on a marshmallow.

    1. Some crafts transcend party lines, like this portrait of "Kitt Romney" and "Bark Obama":

    You're welcome for single-handedly finishing your Christmas shopping for you already. Buy this at FullFrogMoon.

    2. Many are candidate-specific. Like these "Baracas":

    Buy these from Baracas2012, instantly alienate your friends and neighbors (regardless of party affiliation) with your incessant rattling.

    3. Romney yarmulke:

    Buy this from gsager. Actually buy enough for every guest at your niece's upcoming Bat Mitzvah.

    4. A print of Obama riding a lion:

    The wall art that's sure to offend and puzzle your guests. From sharpwriter.

    5. Oven Mitt Romney:

    6. Earrings containing a very teeny Barack and Michelle:

    Available from SynShine.

    7. A ceramic party cup with a protruding mini-bust of Romney:

    From littlechairprinting, who also offers an Obama version.

    8. If the lion didn't do it for you, perhaps you'd prefer a print of Obama with a stalk of broccoli:

    From seller louisbuchetto's item description: "Q: Does Barack Obama really Love Broccoli? A: Yes he does, broccoli and spinach are his favorite vegetables, and that’s why I voted for him;)"

    9. Romney soap:

    It's vanilla scented. From SoapWeapons.

    10. Obama license plate:

    Won't serve as a legal license plate but oh well. From License2Spell.

    11. Ryan and Romney party box!

    It contains a vast array of candy, including two jumbo marshmallows with the GOP candidates' faces on them. Buy this treasure at FeteSetter.

    12. Did you not finish that bottle of Shiraz? That's OK, these Obama wine stoppers can help.

    13. Smell like the commander-in-chief:

    Available from GreenPlanetOrganics. From the product description: "A clean and refreshing blend of aquatic fragrant notes are sure to embellish confidence and bring out the president in you!"

    14. Pop a few Romney Hershey Kisses:

    15. Let your pet's political flag fly with this button:

    Available from thedogcoatlady (for only $1).

    16. What time is it? Ba-clock Obama time!

    Oh my god, just kidding, it isn't actually named that, sorry. From backstreetcrafts.

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