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    How Eva Longoria And America Ferrera Took That Golden Globes Bit Into Their Own Hands

    I'm just saying, if they're looking for 2017 hosting candidates...

    During this year's Golden Globes America Ferrera and Eva Longoria stole the show with their bit about being famous Latinas in Hollywood.

    And, while most awards show banter is written by the writers assigned to the show itself, Eva and America revealed at the TCAs that they took their bit into their own hands.

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    Lesson: Your awards banter is underwhelming? Just do it yourself. "When we found out we were presenting together at the Golden Globes… they always send you copy and it's always terrible. Bad jokes," Longoria told the Television Critics Association crowd on the Telenovela panel. "We both took it back to both of our [shows'] writing staffs."

    At the end of the day the bit was mostly written by Ferrera and Superstore executive producer Justin Spitzer. "[We] were throwing ideas around," Ferrera said on the Superstore panel.

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    "It wasn't until the day of that she sent me copy that they had written… and it was so funny," Longoria said. "I'm always called Eva Mendes, and then when that happened at the Hollywood Foreign Press with her being called Gina [Rodriguez], we just thought it would be funny."

    "We got an amazing response. Next season’s the America and Eva show,” Longoria said.

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    Um, yes. Let's do that. Like actually.

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    ✨✨✨America and Eva for 2017 Golden Globes hosts, please.✨✨✨

    H/T Entertainment Weekly.

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