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The Cast Of "Never Been Kissed" Then And Now

It took them forever to get here.

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Drew Barrymore as Josie Geller

Since then: Drew continued dominating for a long while after this, with films like Charlie's Angels and 50 First Dates. She also directed her first feature (Whip It) and has done a lot of producing.

Michael Vartan as Sam Coulson

Since then: He spent the early '00s on Alias, and has since bounced around a number of other series, including Hawthorne, Bates Motel, and Satisfaction.


Jeremy Jordan as Guy Perkins

Since then: The actor behind teen hunk Guy is also a singer. He's only been in three IMDb-documented productions since Never Been Kissed (including one that's currently in pre-production), but he released a single in 2009, and you can watch him jam in 2013 here.

James Franco as Jason

Since then: Well. Uh. Yeah. He's been James Franco. The very distilled version: A little show called Freaks And Geeks, a supporting role in the original Spider-Man movies, the perrennial classic Tristan + Isolde, and a guest-starring spot on The Mindy Project. I'm sure he fit some other things into that time, too.

Jessica Alba as Kirsten

Since then: Pretty much everything people actually remember about her career. Including, of course: Dark Angel, the Fantastic Four movies, Into the Blue, Sin City, and a mighty business empire with Honest.

Marley Shelton as Kristin

Since then: She starred in the severely underrated cheerleader bank robbery movie Sugar & Spice. There was also Bubble Boy, Uptown Girls, Eleventh Hour, one episode of Mad Men, and The Lottery.


Molly Shannon as Anita

Since then: Well, for one, more Saturday Night Live happened. Also: The iconic Superstar, Wet Hot American Summer, and a whoooole lot more. May we never lose Molly Shannon.

Jordan Ladd as Gibby

Since then: There's The Perfect You, Cabin Fever, and a big run on Robot Chicken. She's also got six upcoming projects listed on IMDB, so she's not going anywhere.

John C. Reilly as Gus

Since then: There was that ironically memorable performance as Mr. Cellophane in Chicago, of course. There was also Talladega Nights, Wreck-It Ralph, Step Brothers, and many more.

Cress Williams as George

Since then: There were memorable arcs on Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights; there was also the entirety of Hart Of Dixie, on which he played charming mayor Lavon Hayes.

Octavia Spencer as Cynthia

Since then: Oh, you know, just casually winning Oscars. Octavia took one home for The Help, and has also made memorable turns in Snowpiercer, Red Band Society, and Mom.