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Tina Fey And Maya Rudolph Are Raising The Bar On Epic Dubsmashes

"I want to teach the internet to care about itself more and raise its standards."

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We all remember the fateful day that Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski lip-synched Beyonce with Tituss Burgess.

Now we've reached the next stage. Fey stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers and talked about the reaction to the original Dubsmash before debuting a brand-new one.

NBC / Via

Fey has some strong opinions about the level the internet should be reaching with these Dubsmashes.

NBC / Via

So what standards are those? Fellow modern comedy legend Maya Rudolph showed us what's what with a clip Fey debuted with Meyers.

Rudolph took her inspiration from this wise Vine.

Fey and her squad certainly know the truth.

Tituss Burgess / Via

You heard Fey: We all have to rise to the occasion or risk disappointing our comedy heroes. Now all we crave is a video featuring Fey and Rudolph Dubsmashing together.


You can watch Fey debuting the clip here.

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