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    Jessica Chastain Has Communed With Ghosts


    Jessica Chastain is currently starring in Crimson Peak, a movie in which she seems to have quite an intimate relationship with ghosts.

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    But it seems she's been taking her work home with her.

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    Chastain sat down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show this week, and talked a little bit about her philosophy when it comes to a belief in ghosts.


    Things escalated from there, though, and even got a little spoopy.


    As Chastain elaborated to Page Six, "all the lights . . . the chandelier . . . bathroom lights . . . started to slowly dim, [then light] up so brightly it felt like the bulbs were gonna explode."

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    "I was putting my pajamas on and the bedside lamp started to dim. Then all the lights . . . the chandelier. . .bathroom lights. . .started to slowly dim, [then light] up so brightly it felt like the bulbs were gonna explode. Then they all turned off. I stopped frozen and said, 'All right, I acknowledge you, but I am so tired, please let me sleep!'"

    Things could have gotten a little rough there, but it turns out this is the sunniest ghost story you will ever hear.


    And in case you were wondering, they did indeed let her sleep!

    You can watch Chastain spook Lauer here.

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