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21 New Year's Resolutions For TV To Consider In 2016

Let's make 2016 awesome.

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3. And on white dude antiheroes who treat everyone around them poorly but who are really good at their jobs.


5. Have more bisexual and pansexual characters actually say the words out loud.

Netflix / Lionsgate

More characters of other orientations not often represented onscreen are also sorely needed.


12. Take a breather from breaking up couples just to draw out a plot line.

The CW

Look to shows like Parks and Recreation and The Mindy Project for examples of how good writing and conflict can still come out of in-tact relationships.


18. Make more Shonda Rhimeses.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

There doesn't have to only be one! We either need to get on top of that whole cloning thing or let more people with strong voices have their chance.

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