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    "Josie And The Pussycats" Remains The Best Movie Ever

    It says so right there in the script. Did this movie really happen?

    We need to talk about the best movie of all time.

    So, friends, let us flash back to 2001, when this bit of cinematic glory graced our theaters and changed lives:

    It rarely gets its due, but it's time. It's time to appreciate all the wisdom contained in this cinematic masterpiece. Cue up the soundtrack and let's take a whirl.

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    This is a movie that starred three young women who were best friends. The first thing we learn is that they love each other more than anything and love to rock.

    It was peak turn-of-the-century Rachel Leigh Cook.

    Do not argue with me on this. It is fact. She's All That? Pfffft. Josie and The Pussycats remains the best thing Cook gave us at the height of her fame, from the spikey haircut to the solid lip-syncing.

    It featured Tara Reid at her sweetest and most innocent.

    An important time in our cultural history.

    And Rosario Dawson as the best of them all.

    I mean, isn't she always?

    This movie's villains were Alan Cumming and Paker Posey, as evil capitalists.

    They plotted the demise of the Backstreet Boys while Posey adorned herself like THIS:

    This film threw in meta asides and really mastered being a comic book movie before its time.

    Marvel could never, to be honest.

    It taught us about capitalism through hard doses of satire truly worthy of academic study.

    While also featuring Carson Daly as a professionally-brainwashing murder minion.

    Daly was engaged to co-star Tara Reid at the time, which made this movie supremely timely. Looking back, though, it's so surreal it's timeless.

    And it made us feel like punk rock prom queens. Talk about multitasking.

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    It never flinched in delivering the harsh truths of the world.

    While never straying from being a movie about friendship and love.

    And you will never find another film that so epitomizes the insanity and wonder of fashion in 2001.

    The halter tops. THE HALTER TOPS.

    Or, frankly, one whose soundtrack still holds up so well.

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    This is honestly just a great song. Shoutout to Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds for producing the soundtrack and Letters From Cleo lead singer Kay Hanley for providing Josie's rocking singing voice.

    This is a movie that gave us a stirring pop song about anal sex.

    And that is, at its soul, a haunting meditation on the economy of fame.

    Even if we were maybe getting brainwashed the whole time?

    *Don't join the army if you don't want to. But this is indeed the best movie ever.