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21 Times The "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Press Tour Gave You FOMO

It's had its ups and downs. And yet we still want to go to there.

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1. Any time Chris Evans couldn't keep his hands off of his cast members/the world.

2. It's been out of control for a while now.


3. When Scarlett Johansson wore the Marvel Chrises proudly on her bosom like a badge of honor.

I feel this on a deep level.

I feel this on a deep level.

4. When the Chrises decided to unite as family.

5. And every time Evans made a dirty joke.

6. Which was a lot. You really can't take him anywhere.

7. You can't take any of them anywhere, actually.

8. I just want to be there as they gently ~rib~ each other and themselves.

9. Whenever they stood close to each other and tried their hardest to smolder.

Civil War? #AgeofUltron #PressTour @chrishemsworth @ChrisEvans

10. When they didn't invite us to lunch. I bet they get great lunches.

Anybody got a toothpick? #ScienceBros #AgeOfUltron #PressTour @MarkRuffalo

11. Korean BBQ, for real? This is just getting rude at this point.

12. When they achieved peak Tumblr by having Evans eat a bag of Doritos with his face on it.

13. And bonded over each others' beauty.

14. When they all started getting loopy after infinite interviews.

15. And they all snitched on Evans for being king of the after party.

Can you imaging going to an Avengers cast party?

16. Things got weirdly graphic at one point.

17. When Evans got belligerently competitive during a game of Family Feud.

18. And when we missed out on witnessing Evans tapdancing.


19. When J.A.R.V.I.S./Paul Bettany was ready for his close-up.

20. And burst into songs we couldn't hear.

21. And when they finally got to claim their rightful place as the royal family of the MTV Movie Awards.

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