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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Has A Huge Talent Crush On Hayley Atwell

We have been gifted with glorious possibility. I can't believe I never knew I wanted this to happen.

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But our brain fires were stoked this week when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed that his TV crush is Hayley Atwell.


Since Hollywood has shamefully not jumped on this in the hours since Johnson made this revelation, we did our patriotic duty and asked Twitter to help us brainstorm what movies they should be in together.

Pitch us things @HayleyAtwell and @TheRock should be in together! #AtwellRocks

First of all, yes.

@BuzzFeedGeeky @HayleyAtwell @TheRock MARVEL DC AMALGAM UNIVERSE


Second of all, YES.

@BuzzFeedGeeky @HayleyAtwell @TheRock I vote for a Freaky Friday movie.

We would be down with these as well.

@BuzzFeedGeeky Fables. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Game Plan 2. Literally anything. #AtwellRocks

These integrations into the plot of Agent Carter season two are definitely welcome.

@BuzzFeedGeeky @Therock is sent back in time and @HayleyAtwell as @AgentCarterTV has to save him from the hydra #AtwellRocks

@andnowtothemoon already wrote the fanfic in my head: he plays her very polite badass gay BFF in s2 of Agent Carter.


This can happen at any time. We're lookin' at you, Marvel.

@BuzzFeedGeeky Just cast @TheRock as Namor, King of the Sea, already and then have him come to land to woo @HayleyAtwell's Agent Carter.

You too, HBO.

Mmmmmmm, yes.

@BuzzFeedGeeky Clearly, a mov where The Rock gets kidnapped and Hayley has to kill dozens of bad guys to rescue him @HayleyAtwell @TheRock

Fast and Furious Infinity, Agent Carter and the Immovable Object, Star Trek: The Most Beautiful Generation @BuzzFeedGeeky #AtwellRocks


This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

@BuzzFeedGeeky @HayleyAtwell @TheRock James Bond, but with Hayley as Bond.


They meet and fall in love when the adoption agency accidentally approves both of their applications for the same loveable kid. #AtwellRocks

Just, like, holy shit, the possibilities!

@BuzzFeedGeeky The King and I. National Treasure 4. Beauty and the Beast.