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If You're Smarter Than All Your Friends You'll Get 12/15 On This Quiz

We both know you're a genius but do they?

  1. Which pop star is this?

  2. How do you say "good morning" in Italian?

  3. Which of these is not a mammal?

  4. Which country's flag is this?

    via Wikimedia Commons
  5. The Cheshire Cat is a character in which novel?

  6. Which of these is not a prime number?

  7. When was Dolly the sheep cloned?

  8. Who made this sculpture?

  9. Which Ninja Turtle is this?

  10. Which football team has the most Super Bowl wins?

  11. Who wrote Wuthering Heights?

    Penguin Random House
  12. What part of an animal cell is circled here?

  13. What is the capital of Ethiopia?

  14. How many bones are in the adult human body?

  15. Which astronaut originally contacted Mission Control to inform them, "Houston, we've had a problem here"?