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    11 Totally Bonkers Miss Universe Outfits And The Birds That Inspired Them

    The Miss Universe National Costumes are a source of joy each and every year. We've noticed that birds are a BIG inspiration for these ladies.

    1. Miss Bahamas 2013: The Hyacinth Macaw

    2. Miss Costa Rica 2013: Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

    3. Miss Honduras 2013: Peafowl

    4. Miss Mexico 2013: Golden Pheasant

    5. Miss Bolivia 2011: Scarlet Macaw

    6. Miss Curacao 2011: Purple Gallinule

    7. Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2011: Red Lory

    8. Miss Jamaica 2012: Keel-Billed Toucan

    9. Miss Cayman Islands 2012: Hoopoe

    10. Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2012: Guianan Cock-of-the-rock

    11. Miss Panama 2011: Wild Turkey