30 Gorgeous Miss Universe National Costumes

Expect Lady Gaga to be copying some of these fabulously over the top ensembles. Part of the Miss Universe pageant held September 12th, each contestant is expected to create a costume that captures the essence of her home planet country.

1. Miss Angola

ID: 8661

2. Miss Thailand

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8682

3. Miss Bolivia

ID: 8662

4. Miss Chile

ID: 8664

5. Miss Japan

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8684

7. Miss China

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8685

8. Miss Cayman Islands

ID: 8663

10. Miss Philippines

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8686

11. Miss Tanzania

ID: 8673

12. Miss Vietnam

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8690

13. Miss Curacao

ID: 8665

15. Miss France

ID: 8668

16. Miss Indonesia

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8689

17. Miss Australia

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8688

19. Miss South Korea

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8692

20. Miss Dominican Republic

ID: 8666

21. Miss Malaysia

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8681

23. Miss Ecuador

ID: 8667

24. Miss Mexico

ID: 8669

26. Miss Panama

ID: 8671

27. Miss Singapore

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8683

28. Miss Venezuela

ID: 8674

29. Miss Sri Lanka

Photo: Reuters

ID: 8687

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