11 Totally Bonkers Miss Universe Outfits And The Birds That Inspired Them

The Miss Universe National Costumes are a source of joy each and every year. We’ve noticed that birds are a BIG inspiration for these ladies.

1. Miss Bahamas 2013: The Hyacinth Macaw

REX USA/Mint Images / Rex

The Hyacinth Macaw reportedly uses tools to open the delicious nuts they eat.

Handout / Reuters

Miss Bahamas 2013 also uses tools in her day job as a mechanic.

2. Miss Costa Rica 2013: Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

REX USA/Double Pr Photography

The Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, or Pink Cockatoo, is a plaintive yodeler.

Handout / Reuters

Miss Costa Rica 2013 enjoys plain yogurt.

3. Miss Honduras 2013: Peafowl

David Hallett / Getty Images

Peafowl are forest birds that nest on the ground but roost in trees.

Handout / Reuters

Miss Honduras 2013 lives in a garden-level apartment but is also an accomplished mountaineer.

4. Miss Mexico 2013: Golden Pheasant


The Golden Pheasant has a metallic call during mating season.

Handout / Reuters

Miss Mexico 2013 plays the trumpet AND the cornet.

5. Miss Bolivia 2011: Scarlet Macaw


The Scarlet Macaw’s cries are loud and throaty.


Miss Bolivia 2011 kills it at karaoke EVERY TIME.

6. Miss Curacao 2011: Purple Gallinule


The Purple Gallinule lives in marshes.

Patrick Prather/Miss Universe Organization

Miss Curacao 2011 shops at Marshall’s. (What? They have GREAT deals.)

7. Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2011: Red Lory

Flickr: 97578613@N08 / Creative Commons

The Red Lory is a playful and intelligent bird who can be kept as a pet.

Patrick Prather/Miss Universe Organization

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2011 knows when it’s time to study, and also when it’s time to have fun. BUT HER BEAUTY CANNOT BE CAGED.

8. Miss Jamaica 2012: Keel-Billed Toucan


The Keel-Billed Toucan eats mostly fruit.

Handout / Reuters

Miss Jamaica 2012 is getting into juicing, but not in an annoying way.

9. Miss Cayman Islands 2012: Hoopoe


The Hoopoe has an elaborate anti-predator system for protecting its young.

REX USA/Everett Collection

Miss Cayman Islands 2012 is a black belt in karate.

10. Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2012: Guianan Cock-of-the-rock

Flickr: deadmike / Creative Commons

The Guianan Cock-of-the-rock employs a mating system wherein the males compete for female attention, with the females ultimately choosing the most impressive male.

REX USA/Everett Collection

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2012 has her pick of dudes. Obviously.

11. Miss Panama 2011: Wild Turkey

en.wikipedia.org / Public Domain

The Wild Turkey prefers to eat in the early morning or late afternoon.

Patrick Prather/Miss Universe Organization

Miss Panama 2011 loves omelets.

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