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    • AJL36

      Also 99 times out of 100 you will be on your way home and you will be attacked by a man dressed as a joint of beef and he will trap you in a hedge for TWO HOURS while shouting “Look who is trapped by Beefy! Look who is trapped by Beefy!” and you are saying “Look, mate, I’m just trying to get home.” but he will be “Trapped! By Beefy!” and eventually you escape and swear next time you will get your revenge but you know in your heart that Beefy will always win.

    • AJL36

      This article is biased towards the humans, I am a seal and I have tried to give up smoking approx 200 times, and these routines do not work. I find that although it is easier to be in water without having to keep the cigar dry, the craving to smoke is approx 600 times worse for seals. What do you recommend for non-humans who wish to give us smoking?

    • AJL36

      The first half of this article is really interesting and points out some of the massive obstacles stopping people having an affordable place to live. The second half is some kind of cranky political rant about planning laws, as if they are the only thing preventing large-scale house building. No mention of land-hoarding by multinationals, no mention of the well-funded lobby groups prevening brownfield house building in the major cities, an ill-judged snipe at Clement Attlee’s government (who launched a massive council-house building programme), and no acknowledgement that the main issue with the British housing situation is a) the absurd over-valuation of the property market, and b) the lack of any form of regulation for private landlords. Clearly there is a need to build new houses, but the most pressing issue for most young people in need of somewhere to live is to stop treating property as an investment and to treat it as a basic essential.

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