The 17 Stages Of Giving Up Smoking

    Smoking, not smoking, crying....

    1. Hooray for cigarettes!

    2. Your first smellpiphany.

    3. Nocturnal self-diagnosis.

    4. Diurnal rationalisation.

    5. Courage!

    6. Almost instant regret!

    7. Basically the flu.

    8. The rage.

    9. The vagues.

    10. Second-hand smoking.

    11. Oral fixation.

    12. The discovery (and subsequent rejection) of Haribo.

    13. The rebrand.

    14. The dreamtime.

    15. The paradigm shift.

    16. Inflation appreciation.

    It dawns on you that, very soon, a packet of 20 cigarettes will soon cost £10. TEN WHOLE BRITISH POUNDS. Do you know what you can buy for ten British pounds? Other than cigarettes, I mean?

    What you can buy for ten whole British pounds.

    17. Your second smellpiphany.

    Congratulations! You are now officially a non-smoker.