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24 Reasons Why Growing Up In The Countryside Sucks

Why is everyone so right wing? WHY IS EVERYONE SO RIGHT WING?

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Where you grew up was ace. A perfect place to grow up.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

1. Bar the fact that you can't watch anything online.

BBC / Sherlock

2. Or text. Or email. Or instant message anyone.

3. Or stream anything on Spotify.


"Connection lost. Reconnecting..." (it won't)

4. Or be able to listen to a digital radio.

Signal? What signal?

Signal? What signal?

5. Also, nobody knows where you live. / Via Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed UK

6. You can't drive anywhere quickly.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

7. Does your area ever make the news? Nope.


8. Not that there's any news worth reporting anyway.

9. People where you live sound like this.

Hot Fuzz / StudioCanal / Working Title / Big Talk

10. And their political views seem to come from the 1830s.

W. G. Phillips / Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

11. Wherever you look people read the Daily Mail.

Cate Gillon / Getty Images

12. Locals don't want to give young people anything.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

13. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

Bethany Clarke/Stringer / Getty Images

14. ANYTHING. The locals don't allow ANYTHING.


15. So the teenagers hang out here instead*

*because there is nowhere else to go.
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

*because there is nowhere else to go.

16. You could always hang out the kebab house but...

17. Before you know it, it's the weekend.

Twitter: @MohdFaizuddin

And the town is absolutely banging.

You could go to the local pub!

18. But it is full of people twice your age who will make you feel spectacularly awkward.

19. And the only entertainment is an unwinnable pub quiz box and a snooker table used by some people who WILL NOT FINISH PLAYING NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU WAIT.

"THIS time I will get to my 15 pound jackpot I CAN FEEL IT."

20. You could go clubbing. This is however a...

Scott Bryan / Google Maps

21. When do the buses back to your parents end? Oh.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

22. And the cost to get back home in a taxi?

23. So what do you resort to doing every time you're out? You ask your Mum pick you up at the club. You then lie all the way home.

You then proceed to vomit all over the floor of the car and tell your Mum that you must have eaten something "funny" for dinner.

You then proceed to vomit all over the floor of the car and tell your Mum that you must have eaten something "funny" for dinner.

But living the country isn't all that bad! I mean, it is the place that you will always feel welcome.

It will never change, so it will always feel like home.

And it's where, in the middle of the night, you can look up and see the absolute beauty of the stars above.

NASA/CXC/MIT/F. Baganoff, R. Shcherbakov et al. / Via

*this picture might be an exaggeration.

24. Haha jokes. At night the country looks like this.

Terrifying. Absolutely fucking terrifying.

Terrifying. Absolutely fucking terrifying.