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    18 TV Moments That People Consider To Be The Worst Plot Twists


    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they considered to be the worst plot twists on TV shows. Here's what they had to say:

    🚨Spoilers Ahead!🚨

    1. When Ezra revealed he met Alison and knew who Aria was and that she was underage before they met on Pretty Little Liars.

    Ezra telling Aria that he knew who she was when they met

    2. When Love Quinn told Joe that she was also a stalker and murderer on You.

    Love Quinn confessing to Joe that she killed Delilah

    3. When Alex left Seattle to be with Izzie on Grey's Anatomy.

    Meredith Grey reading Alex's goodbye letter

    4. When Cece was revealed as "A" on Pretty Little Liars.

    5. When 13 Reasons Why revealed that Justin Foley had HIV-1 that progressed to AIDS, and then he suddenly died.

    Justin Foley unconscious on the the dance floor at prom and then in a hospital bed

    6. When Logan was killed off on Veronica Mars.

    Logan stepping outside the house and then a sudden explosion

    7. When Chuck found out his father Bart had faked his death on Gossip Girl.

    Chuck opening a door and finding his father Bart talking to a woman

    8. When Debra realized she was in love with her brother Dexter on Dexter.

    Debra confessing her feelings to Dexter

    9. When How I Met Your Mother is revealed to actually be a story about Ted's love for Robin and not the mother.

    Ted holding a french horn outside Robin's window as she looks out with her dogs

    10. When David turned out to be alive on Revenge.

    Conrad being followed by a van and the driver being revealed as David

    11. When Riverdale revealed that Charles and Chic were dating.

    Charles from "Riverdale" visiting Chic in jail both expressing their mutual love

    12. When Omar cheated on Ander with Malick on Elite.

    Omar asking Malick if he wants to hook up behind Ander's back

    13. When A.D. turned out to be Spencer's long-lost British twin on Pretty Little Liars.

    Spencer and her identical twin Alex Drake

    14. When Rufus and Lily met their secret son on Gossip Girl.

    15. When Andrea learned she was pregnant on Beverly Hills, 90210.

    A doctor telling Andrea she's pregnant

    16. When Olivia got kidnapped on Scandal.

    17. When Jane found out that Michael was still alive on Jane the Virgin.

    Jane finding out Michael is alive and Rafael explaining how his sister faked his death

    18. And when Rory told Lorelai that she was pregnant at the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

    Rory telling Lorelei that she's pregnant

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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