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    16 Things That Made People Immediately Stop Crushing On A Man

    "He was still sharing a bed with his ex two and a half years after breaking up."

    A while back, I made a post that shared Reddit stories about what made people stop liking their crushes. The BuzzFeed Community had a lot of their own experiences to share, so here are some of the most disappointing stories:

    1. "He talked to me for a good five minutes about a girl he hooked up with."



    2. "I talked to him for a while and hung out with him for weeks, then out of nowhere he said, 'What’s your name again?'"


    3. "Right after we had sex, he went to the party next door, turned on the song 'I Just Had Sex,' and told everyone."



    4. "I started losing interest when he told me he has never voted, and didn't ever intend to."


    5. "He was still sharing a bed with his ex two-and-a-half years after breaking up."



    6. "I showed him an Instagram picture of Miranda Cosgrove and I said, 'She's so pretty.' He replied with 'Men like something to grab on to' in reference to her small breasts."


    7. "He defended the Confederate flag."


    8. "He said his grandpa never changed his own daughter's diapers because he considered it inappropriate and he agreed and said he would never change his future daughter's diapers for the same reason."


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    9. "When he said to a homeless person, 'The unemployment rate is at an all-time low; go get a job.'"


    10. "In high school, I was struggling with a calc problem that was apparently supposed to be 'easy,' and he laughed and tapped my forehead and said, 'You’re lucky you’re pretty, 'cause there’s not much there, is there?' Then acted like he gave me a compliment 'cause he called me pretty."



    11. "He asked me for nudes after having my number for only a couple hours."


    12. "He thought gun control laws were stupid."


    13. "He told me that his girlfriend cheated on him and I found out three months later he was lying and told this to multiple girls."


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    14. "He posted a Snapchat about 'whiny libtards' being mad about Trump."


    15. "I had a MASSIVE crush on someone for three years, but four months ago, I completely stopped liking them because they wore their mask below their nose and wouldn't social distance properly."



    16. And "My friend asked my crush if he liked me and he lied and said he was gay and then wrote a Facebook status about it."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What ended your crush on someone? Let us know in the comments!

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